where 419 UK scam artists meet their match where 419 UK scam artists meet their match



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Welcome to, a website that gives you an insight into the world of the 419 advance fee fraudster.

This website contains a wealth of useful information on 419 scams and advance fee fraud. However, most of the website is devoted to a number of email exchanges between “Gilbert Murray” (in a variety of guises) and a range of advance fee fraudsters, all of them desperate to get their hands on his money... and all of them failing miserably to do so.

See a 419 scammer caught on camera!

Use the links on the left of the page to navigate around the website, and enjoy.

Check out the Gypping in the Marsh village website

The Gypping in the Marsh parish council has finally got its act together and produced a village website. The website gives a brief history of the village, together with information on its most important buildings and events. It also includes a directory of local businesses, with full contact details.

Click here to visit the village website and find out more about one of Lincolnshire’s least-visited villages.

See a 419 scammer caught on camera!

Gilbert has managed to lure an advance fee fraudster to two separate meetings in front of a London webcam. Click here to view pictures of the 419 scammer growing increasingly frustrated as he waits in vain for his victim to turn up. He’s expecting Gilbert to show up with 35,000 Euros for him. He has a long wait...

Blank Western Union and MoneyGram receipts now available

Many people have emailed Gilbert, asking for copies of the blank Western Union and MoneyGram receipts that he uses to frustrate scammers. You can now download copies of these forms directly from this website. Click here to access them.

Classified advertisement scams

A number of people have been in contact, asking for advice on the classified advertisement scams that are becoming increasingly more common. Some people are concerned that there is something fishy about their potential purchaser and want to find out if they are in danger of being scammed; other people have actually been scammed in this way.

Click here to find out how the classified advertisement scam works, and for tips on how to avoid becoming a victim yourself.

A 419 scammer sends money to Gilbert!

After persuading a 419 scammer to spend an entire week going from bank to bank, desperately trying to find one that would accept a succession of extremely dubious payment slips, Gilbert managed to turn the tables on the scammer: he persuaded the scammer to send money to HIM via Western Union, rather than the other way round!

After a catalogue of failed transfers to the scammer which Gilbert blamed on network problems, Gilbert suggested that the scammer send him the money to check that the Western Union network was now operating without any problems. Almost unbelievably, the scammer complied. Click here to read the whole story.

The cash, incidentally, has been donated to Cancer Research UK. I’m sure that the scammer would be delighted if he knew that his money had gone towards a good cause.

The scammers’ reactions

Gilbert, again, and again, you have made me look foolish before the executive officers of EcoBank International Plc...
Barrister Vincent Joe, The Orphanage Director

You are a liar, a big one! I did not get the money. Western Union says nothing was sent... I am not willing to go back to the Western Union office again because you have embarrassed me... you are full of shit!
Dr Usman Danbaba, The Inventor II

Click here to read more of the comments made by the 419 scammers as it dawns on them that Gilbert has played them for a fool.

Scambusting – or scambaiting – tips

A number of people have been inspired by Gilbert’s exploits and have been in contact, asking for hints and tips on how to go about scambusting – or scambaiting – themselves. Click here for some tips on how to get started in the world of scambusting yourself.

Gilbert’s guide to sending money to scammers

Quite a few people have been in touch asking for more information on the various ways in which Gilbert “sends money” to scammers. I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of Western Union until I was introduced to the world of the 419 scam.

Click here to read a brief guide to the methods Gilbert uses to persuade scammers that he has transferred money to them.

As featured in 'best links from around the web', Guardian Unlimited, 13 April 2023

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