where 419 UK scam artists meet their match where 419 UK scam artists meet their match



The Scambusts

The General Practitioner

The Aristocrat II

The Massage Parlour Proprietor

The Football Club Manager

The Vicar V

The Astrologer

The Worm Sanctuary Owner

The Signwriter

The Brewer

The Member of Parliament II

The Door Furniture Specialist

The Inventor IV

The Retired Wing Commander IV

The Baker

The Farmer

The Hotelier

The Veterinary Surgeon

The Vicar IV

The Psychosexual Therapist

The Orphanage Director II

The Cess Pit Cleaner

The Dating Agency Proprietor

The Adult Video Director

The Retired Wing Commander III

The Inventor III

The Poultry Magnate III

The Poultry Magnate II

The Vicar III

The Miller

The Member of Parliament

The Lottery Winner

The Inventor II

The Circus Ringmaster

The Undertaker

The Retired Wing Commander II

The Butcher

The Vicar II

The Vicar

The Doctor of Economics

The Rubber Duck Manufacturer

The Orphanage Director

The Aristocrat

The Poet

The Poultry Magnate

The Retired Wing Commander

The Professor of Economics

The Inventor

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Internet Fraud Information

These pages provide useful information on a number of types of fraud that are prevalent over the internet. Internet fraud is widespread, and is growing fast. Make sure you know what’s going on out there, and make sure you don’t fall victim to it yourself.

Classified Advertisement Scams

Scams related to classified advertisements are becoming increasingly more common nowadays. Although these scams differ from the 419 scams that this website concentrates on, they are becoming so widespread that it is worth describing how they work, to try and prevent people from falling victim to them.


Investment Scams

Advance fee fraud isn’t confined to West Africans sending out thousands of emails offering you the business opportunity of a lifetime; although this form of advance fee fraud is still widespread, scammers are finding new and ingenious ways to con people out of their hard earned money. One way in which they are now doing this is by responding to appeals for people to invest in new business ideas.


Job Vacancies in the Scamming Business

There has been a recent rash of spam emails offering what at first glance seem to be attractive job offers. Gilbert was lucky enough to receive such a job offer himself recently, and decided to apply.


Internet Resources

Links to other websites that provide information on advance fee fraud or that publish other peoples’ attempts at scambaiting.


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