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The Astrologer

The Worm Sanctuary Owner

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The Member of Parliament II

The Door Furniture Specialist

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The Scammers’ Reactions

Gilbert, again, and again, you have made me look foolish before the executive officers of EcoBank International Plc...
Barrister Vincent Joe, The Orphanage Director

I have never come across a man like you before. You make simple things look difficult and if you are corrected you will still claim right, which is very wrong... I went to the Western Union office with the woman attorney. In my own presence they told us that there is no money sent with the informations you sent. You just made us look stupid before the officers...
Bali Alali, The Retired Wing Commander

We have gone to the Western Union again and again, but it’s still the same... we have not been able to receive the money that you have sent... why are you making things complicated for us?
Sir John Newman, The Poet

This company have been established for over 20 years now and nobody have ever embarrassed us in this way...
Dr George Edward, The Poet

The situation here is highly embarrassing... I and the attorney are really fed up and tired of all this stuff. The agent cannot track the payment even after we had presented the MoneyGram slip and the procedure brochure which you sent. I must admit that I and the attorney was disappointed again for the 5th times...
Johnson Philip, The Football Club Manager

We have tried so many MoneyGram in order to find out whether the information of the money is there and after our investigation from different MoneyGram stations there is nothing like that. What are you playing in this transaction? And you should understand that I am a director of a company and I don’t have time to be wasting in this transaction again... you are taking this transaction as a childish play...
Dr Kone Mohammed, The Hotelier

I am not happy with what is going on. The way you are treating me is not proper... imagine my junior lawyer going to the Western Union office this morning, only to be told that there is no money in the name of Raymond Dike. I went to the bank myself to confirm the same thing... I will not like the youths in Western Union to look at me like I am a fool...
Barrister Thomas Adepoju, The Butcher

Stop joking with me... I want to let you know that the Western Union head office here in Nigeria informed me that you did not make any payment with the information which you provided me with. WHY? WHY are you playing a game? I am not happy with you and do not contact me again...
Barrister Chinedu Abel, The Retired Wing Commander IV

We have gone out of our way to satisfy you, yet you still make issues complicating when it is not supposed to be so... you really made me look a fool at the Western Union office...
Barrister Vincent Adekunle, The Inventor

We have been to the Western Union money transfer offices again and again, but all was in vain and we could not be able to detect the fund... Please could you please stop making me look a fool going to the bank. It is starting to look as if I am a beggar...
Barrister James Micheal, The Vicar III

It is quite unfortunate that Mr John could not see the money at the Western Union office here in Ghana. The staff at the Western Union office said there’s no such transfer... I am completely confused...
Dr Morris More, The Vicar II

Emme and Obaje was at the Western Union money transfer system here in Nigeria four times yesterday and three times this morning, and they were told by the agency that the fund has not yet reflected in their computing system... my men have been made to look stupid over here...
Barrister Abdulakarime Dieng, The Retired Wing Commander III

What is happening? The informations u sent could not be traced. Why? You keep sending inaccurate informations... I have tried my best and have also taken the shame as I have visited the MoneyGram office several times today to sort things out without any success... In fact I am pissed off, Mr Murray...
Barrister Zeng Sezier, The Signwriter

I am very very upset with this situation. I don’t really understand what is going on. I nearly got an accident, as I am running up and down for nothing. There is no money found, I even print out the payment slip you sent to me, still the MoneyGram office did not see anything... I cannot go to the MoneyGram again. I received a very fucking insult there this morning and my wife was not happy...
Barrister Steven Williams, The Veterinary Surgeon

Barrister Jude Cole, The Undertaker

Why did you choose to send me a forged transfer slip knowing fully well that it was forged? Ekemefuna went to the bank to face the greatest disgrace ever... the gentleman at the bank shouted at me, because they felt I was coming to play a fast game on them...
Joshi Sitaram, The Miller

Look!! If there is anything I hate in this world that is insults. How dare you insult me... Mr Francis just back from MoneyGram office and he told me that the agent say that this is not MoneyGram? And the reference number is invalid... fuck you...
Barrister John Bernard, The Vicar V

You are a liar, a big one! I did not get the money. Western Union says nothing was sent... I am not willing to go back to the Western Union office again because you have embarrassed me... you are full of shit!
Dr Usman Danbaba, The Inventor II

Me and my accountant have gone to all the big banks in this country. They said that they don’t know this GIMPS Guaranteed International Money Provision Service. And I called the Visa office in Amsterdam. They don’t know of this...
Philip Moore, The Member of Parliament

Can this be a joke? Enough of this embarrassment... were you deliberately fooling me about the transfer? Thank you so much for insulting my integrity... I can understand that either you or your banker is up to some game...
Barrister David Clovis, The Inventor III

Mr Gordon went back again today to the Western Union, still there were no funds. Please can you go back and claim your payment back, this time please send it by MoneyGram. We are not going back to the Western Union...
William Ray, The Adult Video Director

Mr Onuh Lawrence came back to this bank and said to us that you did not send the fees. He said that MoneyGram officers contacted the MoneyGram in London and they said that they did not CONFIRM any money there... Mr Onuh said that he will not be able to give attention to you again. Mr Onuh is ANGRY with you that you have made him SUFFER today...
Professor Allen Mobolaji, The Worm Sanctuary Owner

The most sad story is that Ekemefuna was walked out of the All States Trust Bank and warned that he should never come close again with any other form of payment slip to make any claims of cash... Ekemefuna complained bitterly that the insult he received was much intensive as he is very sober right now, feeling that myself and you conspired to make a big fool of him...
Joshi Sitaram, The Miller

The MoneyGram still did not accept your transaction and all the information including the receipt of your payment is fake... you bastard... please don’t contact us again... be warn!
Barrister Bernard Williams, The Baker

How could you tell me you paid money through Western Union money transfer, but for more than a week it could not be traced in the bank? Mr Gilbert, you can tell that to the birds of the air... you really insulted me very much...
Lisa Wiwoor, The Adult Video Director

I went to see Mr Aka and he was not happy with us. He said that you are just wasting his time and telling stories. He said that you did not send any money as he had confirmed from the MoneyGram for the second time. He said that he even printed the documents you forwarded to him to the MoneyGram and they check and say that the information is wrong and somebody like you have not sent any money...
Princess Moreen Kabba, The Door Furniture Specialist

I don’t know why you make things that seem so simple very extremely difficult... for your information, these constant errors of mine are all thanks to you and if these are becoming a real irritation to you, believe me my dear fellow, you have made this word “irritation” an understatement a long time ago... you do not provide a good working partnership as you don’t EVER heed to my instructions...
Adrian Muster, The Dating Agency Proprietor

Barrister Mark Murray, The Inventor IV

I sent our driver along with our office boy to pick you at the airport as I agreed with you. They waited for you at the airport between 1:30 and 3:30... you have reduced your business transaction in Madrid to a child’s play...
Francis Morra, The Poultry Magnate

I waited at the airport... I further made arrangements with an immigration officer to help me get you out when you arrive... I have been sick of the stress and the shock I received when it became clear that you are not on the plane... I have checked everywhere in the hotel... I don’t think you are real, I know you have been playing with me all this while...
Lucky Taylor, The Member of Parliament II

Where are you? You are not in Rembrandt Cafe as you claim. I am not convinced that you are at the airport. Please do not joke with me. My officer have been in the airport since 8.50am... you have made a mess of the whole system. You do not want to take to instruction. I am convinced that you are a practical joker... you are not real...
Perry Newton, The Farmer

I am highly disappointed over your attitude to business especially when you don’t do things maturely... the security MD has been to the airport to check the manifest and the hotel you mentioned. I now believe that there is a foul play... I have just called a hotel that has that name like only to discover you are nowhere to be found...
Barrister James Bell, The Member of Parliament

I am very disappointed in your correspondence and your activities... I don’t understand what is happening, but I think you sound not straightforward which is very bad, and I don’t like dealing with unstraightforward people...
Chan Fung, The Retired Wing Commander II

We have just spoken with the hotel authority. After checking all their rooms, we finally found out that you are a liar... the officer who was to pick you up is now there. There is nobody like you, liar...
Pamela Gore, The Retired Wing Commander II

My Protocol Officer did not see you at the lobby of the hotel, neither did the receptionist know who you are... THE HOTEL WHICH YOU SAID THAT YOU ARE STAYING, I SENT MY PEOPLE THERE. THEY COULD NOT FIND YOU THERE... I CALLED THE NUMBER. THEY TOLD ME THAT NO ONE IS CALLED MISS JANET ALIA AND IVAN TASHAG...
Philip Moore, The Member of Parliament

What the hell are you doing? You must be telling lies. I called the line and asked for Maria and the other guy as you outlined but they told me that they do not have such a customer by the name Commander Gilbert Murray...
Dr John Basil, The Retired Wing Commander III

ARE YOU PLAYING GAMES WITH ME??? I am sick and tired of all this whole bullshit!!!!!!!!!!
Felix Okafor, The Inventor IV

Are you a joker? The way you communicate with this bank is absurd...
Dr JC Bapou, The Undertaker

Thanks for taking me as your joke. I will never come to any appointment you make again... big bitch Murray... be advised that your details will be sent to the police and the PM as you are a disgrace to your position in particular and to the British public in general...
Tom Davis, The Member of Parliament

You’re a bingo mumu mahu and a foolish man. Don’t you write to me again because if I catch you, I will lock you up in a sanatorium because you are an escaped lunatic...
Aloy Kodjo, The Psychosexual Therapist

Wing Commander my ass...
Achmed Wada Nas, The Retired Wing Commander III

FUCK U AND UR poor little orphans...
Barrister James Coker, The Orphanage Director II

You are just being a fool... go to hell...
Barrister Morgan Van, The Astrologer

You are a big fool... asshole... I know quite well that you are a son of a bitch...
Johnson Philip, The Football Club Manager

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF ALL THESE NONSENSE... please I beg your pardon, enough is enough of all these insult and rubbish you are telling me...
Dr Nkonye Akubia, The Aristocrat

Larry Christopher, The General Practitioner

Please quit this mails and this questions, we are no more interested in serving you and we begged you to stop this mails!!!!!!
Hassan Bello, The Rubber Duck Manufacturer

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